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Use TrafficTicket.TV It's $35 And It Works

TrafficTicket.TV Is $35 And It Works

Never pay a ticket and plead guilty to the charge without first investigating options that will save you money!

Get FREE Information On Your Traffic Charge

Free information including demerits, fine info, jail, suspension info and other information related to the charge or charges you're facing

Get precise details about the charge or charges you're facing, including demerits and other hard to find data for free.

Enjoy Legal Guidance In Three Easy Steps

There's nothing available like this anywhere.  We'll guide you through the process of dealing with your traffic charge from start to finish.

There's nothing available like this anywhere. We'll guide you through the process of dealing with your traffic charge.


YOU Can Beat YOUR Traffic Ticket!


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Stunt Driving

Drive Suspended

No Insurance

Drive - No Licence

Disobey Lights

Disobey Signage

Fail To Surrender Permit

Fail To Have Insurance Card

Welcome to TrafficTicket.TV

Rob Stocki - TrafficTicket.TV

Hi, my name is Rob Stocki. I'm a former Sergeant and Traffic Officer with 13 years of service with the Ottawa Police. Today, I'm a licenced paralegal and I'm pleased to provide you with the knowledge you need to defend yourself when facing a traffic charge.

TrafficTicket.TV is designed to put access to justice in the hands of anyone. Most people simply go ahead and pay their tickets without realizing how easy and simple it is to get results. Understanding your rights and knowing your options saves you money and keeps insurance rates down.

The information we provide explains the techniques legal professionals use throughout the Province of Ontario. These techniques work. You won't find this information anywhere else on the Internet.

The two-step recipe to success when it comes to defending traffic charges is:

  1. Knowing what to do; and,
  2. Getting started immediately before filing for a court date.
Although the tutorials will help you at any stage of the process, the sooner you access the tutorials after being charged, the more options you'll have.

If you get charged, TrafficTicket.TV is ON YOUR SIDE. Using TrafficTicket.TV is easy!

TrafficTicket.TV is unique and cost-effective. We use web technology allowing you to access the most current information available in real time. We update our site almost daily. Unlike a book, which contains information frozen at the time of printing, TrafficTicket.TV is dynamic, and explains things to you using movies and scenarios applicable to the charge or charges you're facing. As soon as a trend in defence becomes known, or a change in law happens, we update the movies you see so you get the information immediately.

When I say "we're here for you" - I mean it. When you purchase the tutorials, you can call us with questions and we'll answer them free of charge. We know the process and we know you can succeed without having to pay big bucks.

Thank you for coming to TrafficTicket.TV. If you're charged with an offence, using our service is the best thing you can do.


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Rob Stocki